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in the SandboxJDOC's PoliciesDocumentation LicenseMore Help Search Actions PageDiscussionView sourceHistory Creating a Custom 404 Error Page Other languages: English• ‎español• ‎français• ‎Nederlands• ‎русский This tutorial will show you how to create a custom 404 error page for use in your Joomla web-site. Contents 1 Four Steps to Creating a Custom 404 Error Page 2 Exclude your Custom 404 Error symfony2 customize error pages Page from Search Engines 3 Additional Steps Toward a Better Custom 404 Error Page 4 More Custom Error Page Information Four Steps to Creating a Custom 404 Error Page Create an Uncategorized '404' Article Create an 'uncategorized' article in Joomla! to serve as your 404 Page. Include some text such as Sorry, we could not find the page you were looking for... and if necessary, also any useful navigational links. For example, you may wish to add a link back to your site's home page. Create and copy a link to that new 404 Article. Create a menu item which links to the new 404 Article and 'apply' your changes. Then copy the URL information (index.php?optio...), set the menu item as 'unpublished' and close out of the menu editing page. You may want to paste the copied URL into Notepad or somewhere accessible for the time-being. Copy error.php to your Template's Directory In your Joomla! installation copy the file error.php from the templates/system directory, to your Template directory. For example, if I was using a template

20, 2013 | Joomla Twitter By default, Joomla does not provide a 404 page that you can easily create and manage,A 404 is really useful for

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guiding your visitors when they visit a broken URL on your site.I'm going joomla 404 redirect to demonstrate how to create a custom 404 page.We're going to create an article, add a menu link and joomla 404 error then add a little code to a file in your template folder.Step 1: Create an articleThe first step in creating a custom 404 page is to create a new article. Title: Create https://docs.joomla.org/Creating_a_Custom_404_Error_Page something that is specific to Error 404 since it may be displayed as your browsers title bar. Alias: Type in a simple alias, such as 404. Category: You can use Uncategorised or create another category. Article Text: Add your 404 image or text, or design it however you'd like. In this example, I made my own funny 404 image. Step 2: Edit Metadata Options On https://www.ostraining.com/blog/joomla/404-pages/ the same article, look at the right column and click on the "Metadata Options" tab. Select "No index, no follow" to prevent this particular page to be indexed in search engines. Save and Close. Step 3: Create a Hidden MenuYou can view our tutorial on how to create a Hidden menu here. Menu Item Type - Select your Error 404 Page article. Menu Title - Anything you'd like, such as Error 404 Page. Alias - Type in a simple alias, such as 404. Make sure this menu is not published in a module position so it is not displayed.Step 3: Copy the LinkCopy the URL from your menu and store it on a notepad since you will be using this URL in your error.php file.Step 4: Edit the error.php FileFind your error.php file.Usually it is located in "templates/YourTemplate/system/error.php" or in "templates/YourTemplate/error.php".If you don't have an error.php file, create it in this folder:templates/YourTemplate/error.php.Please make sure that you have this security code at the top of the file: defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access');Now we need our 404 page code.For Joomla 1.5 use this code: if ($this->error->code == '404') { header('Location: /theURL

Management Learn More WordPress Services WordPress Hosting Superior WordPress Performance Learn More WordPress Themes Best Free WordPress Designs Learn More WordPress Tutorial Step-by-step WordPress Guide Learn More More Links: WordPress Plugins About WordPress WordPress FAQ WordPress Services Joomla Services Joomla Hosting Superior https://www.siteground.com/kb/how_to_create_a_custom_404_page_not_found_page_in_joomla/ Joomla Performance Learn More Joomla Templates Best Free Joomla Designs Learn More Joomla Tutorial Step-by-step Joomla Guide Learn More More Links: Joomla Extensions About Joomla Joomla FAQ Joomla Services Our Technology Datacenters Data Centers Top Speed Solutions Speed Technology Total Uptime 99.99% Monthly Uptime 99.999% Yearly Uptime 99.996% Uptime Technology Our Support 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support Phone Reply Time: Instantly Contact Us Chat Reply Time: Instantly Start Chat Tickets First Reply: 10 Minutes Post Ticket Support Team customize error Devotion 100% Advanced Expertise Always Ready To Help Our Support About Us See Our Faces Meet the SiteGround People! Learn More See Our Values Get to know our guiding principles! Learn More Read Our Blog Learn what's cooking! Learn More Read Client Reviews What our clients think of us. Learn More Affiliates Home / Joomla / General Joomla FAQ / How to create a custom ‘404 page not found' page in Joomla How to create a custom customize error pages ‘404 page not found' page in Joomla You can use the following instructions to create a custom 404 error page for your Joomla website: 1. Create new article - create new uncategorized article through your Joomla administrative area -> Article manager called 404. You can insert desired text inside it which will be displayed when such error message occurs. When you are ready Save the article. The article will be accessible through a link similar to the following one: http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=XX where XX is the ID of the article. You can save this link because you will need it later. 2. Create new Menu Item - create new Menu Item through Joomla administrative area -> Menu manager called 404 Item (you can use desired name). From the New Menu Item page you have to link this item to the 404 article which you have already created. You can do that by choosing Single article from the Menu Item Type field and after that choosing the article 404 from the Select Article filed on the right side of the page. 3. Copy the default error.php file inside the folder of your current template - you need to copy the default error.php file from the ~/templates/system/ folder inside the folder of the template which you are currently using with your website. For example if you use a template called NewAtomic you wil


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