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Please login or register. Active topics Unanswered topics RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews CutePHP Forums →Problem Solving / Help & Support →RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply RSS topic feed Posts: 1 1 Topic by Newsmedia 2013-01-11 01:35:29 Newsmedia Members Offline Registered: 2005-03-23 Posts: 191 Topic: RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews Oh well, just wrote you a message, clicked spellcheck then got sent to the spellcheck dictionary download page and . . . hey presto the whole message vanished. Not a good start, needs fixing. So here I go again. I was very happy with the previous release of Cutenews and only upgraded when I found it didn't work with newer PHP releases. But the RSS feed in the latest Cutenews release seems very messed up. I have updated customizerss.tpl as recommended elsewhere in this forum. When you submit the RSS to a newsreader (try using http://www.newsmedianews.com/newsin/rss.php?number=10 in a news reader) you see a mixmash of items, some very old. It does not show the active news only and I can find no way to configure this. And why (still) do clickable thumbails not open when clicked in a new popup window? My scripting knowledge is OK, but is also like a 5-year-old driving a car who then meets a 3-year-old who flies a Lear jet. I've looked to find clues to fix the above but no luck As its a news system, and I operate a new website, a correctly functioning RSS newsfeed is paramount if one is to be used at all. Help guys, what's the error in the script here as I am certain it is not a misconfigration at my end, rather I think it is in the scripting somewhere. Posts: 1 Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply CutePHP Forums →Problem Solving / Help & Support →RSS feed errors in latest Cutenews Jump to forum: News Script Feedback and Suggestion Problem Solving / Help & Support Hacks & Tricks / FAQ Site Showcase and Discussion HTML, CSS and Overall Look Powered by PunBB, supported by Informer Technologies, Inc.

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of the date translation feature. Fix by FUNimations - thanks! Bug: Full story field disappearing in the presence of quotes fixed. A big thank-you to the users who reported these issues! UTF-8 CuteNews 9.0 (Dec 31 2010) Translatable dates Negative categories Safer password encryption algorithm: SHA-256 No reduced functionality in smiley insertion due to IE8 fix Password strength shown (making users more security-aware) New module: Additional features & settings Anti-spam (text or image-based) implemented Statistics, file checks & auto-fix Manage login bans Action log ("Hardlog") New anti-CSRF code, because the one in v.8b was buggy $_GET may not contain arrays bug fix (thanks soriya) "Category Exists" bug fix (thanks Sergio) Various small bug fixes and code clean-ups Version 8b (Mar 13 2010) A fix for a security flaw has been included in the UTF-8 CuteNews 8b .zip. Thanks to Stephan for reporting! Version 8b (Nov 08 2009) This update mainly contains a multitude of security fixes which have been mostly found by Andrew of MorningStar Security. Anti-CSRF tokens added in addnews, editnews, editcomments, ipban, options. E-mails of newly registered users hidden by default (more privacy). New tag in Comments template: {author-name} (commenter name without e-mail address) Input check in search.php UTF-8 bug: < and > in category icon URLs falsely replaced, fixed. UTF-8 bug fixed: negative numbers in date_adjust weren't accepted. (Reported by hihi92) Invalid source parameter can cause error messages in Edit News module, fixed. Editors can only edit articles they are allowed to (security hole fixed). Version 8 (Oct 02 2009) Added code to suppress output by the inclusion of /data/english.clf (= user cannot login). Version 8 (Sep 26 2009) CuteNews messages can be shown in multiple languages! New Languages module in Options. Search function understands foreign characters properly. Improved security for cookies & sessions. Internet Explorer 8 compatibility. Thanks FUNimations! UTF-8 CuteNews Admin panel not indexed by search engines any


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