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munin error command /usr/sbin/smartctl

Munin Error Command usr sbin smartctl p new enhancement hddtemp smartctl problem with USB devices Reported by dacer Owned by nobody Priority low Milestone Component design Version Severity normal Keywords Cc Description Hi I have some problems when reading USB Disk values with smartcl These command default file for USB not for internal sudo usr sbin smartctl -A --nocheck standby -d sat dev sdc smartctl - - r x -linux- - -amd local build Copyright C - by Bruce Allen http smartmontools sourceforge net Device is in SLEEP mode exit But without --nocheck standby works fine sudo usr sbin smartctl

munin error

Munin Error p The content of this page has been moved to the Munin Guide Troubleshooting This wiki page has therefore been set to Read only and later will be purged This page lists some general troubleshooting for Munin The examples show a munin-node agent running on replace with other IP adresses as Restart Munin Master you see fit Is the munin-node process running on the agent node Did munin graphs not updating you restart the munin-node process Does the munin-node agent allow your munin master to contact it Simple test telnet munin test plugin localhost Hint check the allow

munin error in node communication with

Munin Error In Node Communication With p at - - T Last modified at - - T closed defect fixed Socket read timeout confuses munin-update Reported by gombasg Owned by nobody Priority normal Milestone Munin Component master Version Severity normal Keywords Cc Description Hi Sometimes configuring fetching a plugin takes long and that seems to confuse munin-update Background querying LVM information can take long so I have set the timeout to seconds in munin-node conf That works since munin-node does not report any timeouts Both the client and master runs munin - from Debian Sid Sometimes I get these messages

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