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The content of this page has been moved to the Munin Guide Troubleshooting. This wiki page has therefore been set to "Read only" and later will be purged. This page lists some general troubleshooting for Munin. The examples show a munin-node agent running on; replace with other IP adresses as

Restart Munin Master

you see fit. Is the munin-node process running on the agent node? Did munin graphs not updating you restart the munin-node process? Does the munin-node agent allow your munin master to contact it? Simple test: telnet munin test plugin localhost 4949 Hint: check the "allow" directive in ​munin-node.conf. Make sure any firewalls allow contact on destination port 4949. Try to telnet to the host where you run munin-node ( or localhost


if Munin master and munin-node is on the same system) on port 4949. The prompt should look something like this: # telnet localhost 4949 Trying Connected to localhost. Escape character is '^]'. # munin node at [your server name] Does the above output give the same hostname should be expected in munin.conf? E.g. if munin.conf has the following entry: [foo.example.com] address foo.example.com ...then telneting

Munin Configuration

to the node should give you: # munin node at foo.example.com In particular, note that if you have fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in munin.conf, the server you're monitoring have to identify itself with FQDN as well. Does munin-node recognize any plugins? Try issuing the command list after telneting to the agent, and a (long) list of plugins should show. # telnet localhost 4949 Trying Connected to localhost. Escape character is '^]'. # munin node at foo.example.com list open_inodes irqstats if_eth0 df uptime [...] If you're troubleshooting one particular plugin, test it on the agent with the command munin-run [plugin_name]. Do the directories specified by dbdir, htmldir, logdir and rundir have the correct permissions? (If you first ran munin as root, maybe they're not readable/writeable by the user that runs the cron job) Is munin-cron established as a cron controlled process, run as the Munin user? Does the output when running munin-update as the Munin user on the server node show any errors? Try running "munin-cron --debug > /tmp/munin-cron.debug" and checking the output file /tmp/munin-cron.debug See also FAQ_no_graphs Last modified at 2016-10-15T21:23:46+02:00 Last modified on 2016-10-15T21:23:46+02:00 Download in other fo

Q: What architectures are supported? What operating systems? Q: What is required to install munin? Q: My munin-node stops every day at midnight on FreeBSD Q: munin-node doesn't start and /var/log/munin/munin.log contains: … 2. Configuration Q: What should a minimal server configuration look like? Q: Can I set or override the critical and warning levels, or … Note Q: How do munin plugin config I use the fieldname.cdef-thingie? Q: Can I make a graph show values per minute instead of

Munin Default Port

per second? Q: Can I get a graph to show percentages instead of regular values? Q: How do I define aliases ? Q: How munin restart do I borrow data from another graph ? Q: How do I use fieldname.stack? Q: How do I use fieldname.sum? Q: Can I combine different built-in mechanisms, like loaning, sum … Q: Can I change the order of the http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/MuninTroubleshooting domains? Q: Can I change the order of the nodes under a domain? Q: When do I use ':', ';' and '.' in the config files? Q: How do I refer to my service if it has a dot (".") in the field name? Q: How can I use an SSH tunnel to connect to a node? Q: I don't like the bandwith usage graph, how to make it look like MRTG or … Q: I added the graph_sums? http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/faq option, but I only get one new … Q: I have removed a plugin, but it still shows up in the HTML file(s). Q: Is there any way to increase the default size of the munin graphs? 3. Node plugins Q: How do you install a plugin? Q: Why does a plugin work with munin-run but not in munin-node? Q: What are the minimum requirements of a node plugin? Q: Can I make the plugin run as another user/group than nobody/nogroup? Q: Can I run munin at different time intervals than the default? Q: How to monitor Windows XP boxes via SNMP plugins? Q: Why do some plugins end with an underscore (_)? Q: Why are the graphs for plugin xyz blank? Q: Why are the graphs for the MySQL plugin blank? Q: Why does my users plugin report floating point numbers? Q: My plugin only reports integers, why is munin showing floating point? Q: munin-node-configure --shell shows no plugins? Q: My SNMP plugin doesn't graph anything Q: I edited my plugin to have min/max values, but they are not taken into … Q: I tuned the RRD to have min/max values, but they are not taken in … Q. Why do SNMP not return any data? 4. Other Q. How do i "su" to the munin users? Q. The graphs are not updating any more Q. I have installed munin on ubuntu server 12.10

installed on the munin node Did you restart munin-node? Inconsistent names for the node on the master and on the node I just read the above answer and there still aren't any graphs Node does not "allow" master http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/FAQ_no_graphs to telnet listed no services for localhost on Debian Attention: Content of this page should be moved to the Munin-Guide --> Visit the Guide now. These FAQs have a separate page to make it easy to put links in error messages in Munin. See also ​Debugging_Munin On one host there are no graphs munin error at all! This could be due to a number of problems. No plugins installed on the munin node Plugins that munin-node uses are usually to be found in /etc/munin/plugins (or /etc/opt/munin/plugins). If the directory is empty you will need to fill it. The directory should have been filled by the package installation script or restart munin master by you when you read the INSTALL instructions. You can fill it manually by symlinking to files in /usr/share/munin/plugins (or /opt/munin/lib/plugins). Or automatically by running munin-node-configure --shell | sh -x. This will which plugins it thinks are suitable on your system and make the symlinks. After making all the symlinks restart munin-node. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes before re-loading the munin web pages to see graphs. Did you restart munin-node? Restarting munin-node is a rather heavy operation requiring running all the plugins as part of the startup. Therefore munin-node does not restart itself when the contents of the plugin directory changes. So after making a change in the plugin directory you need to restart munin-node. There is a bug in a good number of versions of the Debian (and Ubuntu) munin package that did not restart munin-node after running munin-node-configure. A manual restart is needed in this case. Then wait 5 to 10 minutes before re-loading the m


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