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Education Commercial Professional Services Support More ► More ◄ Contact Blog pcclient login About Careers Reseller Login × ≡ Free Trial Diagnosing user client popup and notification issues KB Home pc client download | Diagnosing user client popup and notification issues Share: The PaperCut user client is used to: Deliver notifications/messages for denied print jobs, jobs held in

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the release station, etc. Display print job popups for account selection or print confirmation. Display print job popups as directed by printer scripts (Advanced Scripting). PaperCut delivers these notifications by determining where the user printed the job from (i.e. the workstation where the job was printed). If user client notifications are not being delivered there

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could be a number of reasons why, and this article discussed how to diagnose/resolve these problems. Verify the client is running correctly If the client is running and displaying the current balance of the logged in user then this is a good indication that the client is working correctly. On Windows, if the balance window isn’t displayed, then hover your mouse over the PaperCut task-tray icon. If the client isn’t connecting to the server a “tooltip” message will be displayed showing “Connecting…”. Verify the client is the most recent version Clients are normally backwards-compatible so that the server can be updated without having to update client. However some features such as popups directed by printer scripts require the client to be updated when you update the server. This will only be of concern if you are not already using ‘zero-install’ client deployment on Windows via the pc-client-local-cache.exe tool. With zero-install client deployment, updates will be deployed automatically. Verify that you are printing to th

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General Troubleshooting READ OUR DOCS BILLING AND ACCOUNT INFO TROUBLESHOOTING MOBILE APPS POPULAR ARTICLES How to fix installation issues https://help.napster.com/hc/en-gb/articles/221013568-How-to-fix-installation-issues-with-Napster-6-PC-Client with Napster 6 PC Client This article contains instructions for resolving the error " Application cannot be started, Contact the application vendor" that happens when http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/symantec-endpoint-client-pc-error-code-2147220736 installing Napster 6 PC software as shown in the screenshot below.    To resolve this issue, follow the steps given below: Solution 1 : 1. pc client Open Task Manager 2. Click on “Processes” tab 3. Find the below mentioned processes, right-click on them and click on “End Task” or “End Process”.        1. Napster.exe        2. NapsterDevices.exe        3. NapsterWindowsMedia.exe  4.  Click Here to download the Napster 6 PC software and try to install it.   pc client error Solution 2 Click on CTRL+R to get the Run Box as show in the image below        2.Type “%appdata%” in the Run box and click “OK' to go to appdata/Roaming folder 3. Please click on “Appdata” between the username and Roaming as given below to go to the “Appdata” folder.  4. Double-click on “Local” folder and “Apps” folder   5. You will find a folder with the name “2.0”. Right-click on it and click on “delete” to delete the folder.   6. Close all the windows and Click Here to download the Napster 6 PC software and try to install it.   If the issue is still not resolved, please "Click Here" to contact Napster Support  Was this article helpful? 0 out of 0 found this helpful © 2016 All rights reserved. Napster and the Napster logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of Rhapsody International.


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Pc-client-local-cache exe Error table id toc tbody tr td div id toctitle Contents div ul li a href Pc Client Download a li li a href Pc Client Free Download a li li a href Pc Client Definition a li ul td tr tbody table p with the popup confirmation window Example Printing with shared accounts for staff Example Printing relatedl using a Release Station Example Refunding a print pc client login job for staff Example Adding credit using a TopUp Pre-Paid Card p h id Pc Client Download p Example Printing from a wireless network or laptop Web Print

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Pcclient exe Application Error table id toc tbody tr td div id toctitle Contents div ul li a href Pcclient Login a li li a href Pc Client Login a li li a href Atheros Client Installation Program a li ul td tr tbody table p please read below to decide for yourself whether the PCClient exe on your computer is a relatedl Trojan that you should remove or whether it pcclient mac is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to p h id Pcclient Login p a trusted application Click to Run a Free Scan for