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1 inventory records, 0 Questions, 0 Blogs and 0 links. Please help add to this by sharing more! Deployment Tips (2) Most Common Setup Type Not Determined Average Package Difficulty Rating Rated 0 / 5 (Not Rated) based on 0 ratings Most Commonly Reported Deployment Method Not Determined Enter your tip Submit or cancel All http://www.prophet-web.com/support/ Tips Windows Tips 118 Note Here is what needs to be done to install SunGard iWORKS PROPHET 7.3 silently: Prerequisite 1: Firebird Firebird Server Prerequisite 2: Hardlock cmd /c tools\hardlock\cmdline\HLDINST -install Prophet 7.3: This is a native msi, either run a qb- or generate an transform if needed. Prophet 7.3 update 4: The Updates http://www.itninja.com/software/sungard/prophet/7-601 are Inno Setups, so you can run Prophet73_Update_4.exe /SILENT /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART Setup Information: Setup Type: unspecified Deployment Method Used: unspecified Deployment Difficulty: unspecified Platform(s): Windows KPrinz 01/30/2008 Show Comments ( 0 ) Please log in to comment 117 Note Licensing is supposedly done by calling prophcfg from the program directory with parameters. prophet.chm located in the same directory provides some information on this. However when using -Q there still is a UI and the path to the licence file -L will also be ignored. Using a path in quotes will even result in a runtime error. You can get around all this by just copying your license file (prophet.pli) to %AllUsersProfile%\Applications\SunGard\Prophet73 Setup Information: Setup Type: unspecified Deployment Method Used: unspecified Deployment Difficulty: unspecified Platform(s): Windows KPrinz 01/31/2008 Show Comments ( 0 ) Please log in to comment Inventory Records (1) View inventory records anonymously contributed by opt-in users of the K1000 Systems Management Appliance. Versions 7 Prophet Version7 Question

This page lists various types of scientific errors in the hadith. Contents 1 Archaeology 1.1 Adam was a 90 foot giant 2 Astronomy 2.1 Geocentrism: The sun goes under Allah's chair 2.2 The inanimate sun can prostrate like a human https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Scientific_Errors_in_the_Hadith 2.3 Sun rises between the horns of Satan 2.4 The moon has light 2.5 An eclipse is a tool to scare mankind 2.6 Giant goats in space 2.7 Earth rests on a whale 3 Biology 3.1 Saying "Allah willing" during sex guarantees a male child 3.2 Embryology in the hadith 3.2.1 Stages of development 3.2.2 Gender assignment 3.2.3 Child inherits appearance from the parent that discharges first during sex 3.3 No one knows a prophet 7.3 baby's gender before its birth 3.4 Babies cry at birth because Satan touches them 3.5 Birth marks are caused by the evil eye 3.6 Yawning is from Satan 3.7 Satan sleeps in your nose at night 3.8 Oversleeping is caused by Satan urinating in your ear 3.9 Non-Muslims have 7 intestines while Muslims have 1 3.10 Women are deficient in intelligence 4 Geology and Meteorology 4.1 Nile and Euphrates rivers flow from heaven prophet 7.3 error 4.2 Thunder is an Angel Who Drives Clouds to Specific Places 4.3 Mountains were Fixed into Earth to Prevent it from Shaking 4.4 Noon heat is from hell-fire 4.5 No one knows when it will rain 4.6 Earthquakes in Najd region are accompanied by the rising of Satan's head 5 Health 5.1 There are no infectious diseases 5.2 Leprosy and Leukoderma appear only on Wednesdays 5.3 Looking at the sky during prayers causes blindness 5.4 Loving materialistic objects will cause deafness and blindness 5.5 Fever is caused by the heat of hell 5.6 Water is not polluted by dead dogs, menstrual clothes, etc. 5.7 Dust/soil used for ablution 5.8 Playing chess is disgusting 6 Medicine 6.1 Camel urine as medicine 6.2 Black cumin cures all diseases 6.3 The wing of a housefly can cure disease 6.4 Eating 7 dates can cure poison 6.5 Drinking honey cures diarrhea 6.6 Medicinal value in "cupping" 6.7 Scorpion stings can be cured by a spell 6.8 Skin eruptions go away with a spell 6.9 Water from truffles cures eye diseases 7 Zoology 7.1 Monkeys practice stoning adulterers 7.2 Black dogs are devils 7.3 Crowing and braying is caused by the sight of demons 8 References 9 See Also Archaeology[edit] Adam was a 90 foot giant[edit] The hadith say humans were created in t

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