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Quick Report Preview Error

Default user dpi settings are different and may need to be changed. January 2014 QR 5.06 Version 5.06 (currently only for Delphi XE-5 32 & 64 bit) includes the following:- Very few compiler hints and delphi quick report tutorial warnings or none, depending on project settings. Where possible the code has been changed quick report pdf export to avoid hints and warnings when QR5.06 is recompiled. No memory leaks: There are none in our tests, and we quickreports will remove any that are found in the QR5.06 code. Three new components/controls Preview controller component - this is a component that controls the standard and xml previewers. Metric label control - allows precision printing of text. Vector graphic control - allows direct drawing/painting onto the output device. Other Enhancements Printer-free execution: It is not necessary to have a printer installed to execute non-printing methods lile Prepare and ExportToFilter. Proper scaling when screen dpi options deployed: If end-users set Windows desktop to use an enhanced resolution this is factored into the preview scaling. Option to select high resolution export for RTF to PDF: Richtext segments are exported to PDF as high resolution images, ensuring that the text remains readable at high zoom. August 2011 QR 5.05.1/502.02 Version 5.05 Pro has been updated to 5.05.1 for Delphi XE, 2010,2009 Win32 and C++Builder 2009/2010/XE. Version 5.02 Pro has been updated to 5.02.2 for Delphi 2007, 2006, 2005, 7, 6 Win32 and C++ Builder 2007, 6. The following has been implemented Display problems in preview: The bugs with non-standard resolutions and double monitors now fixed. With double monitors or non-default screen resolutions the text in the preview did not display properly. New XML spreadsheet exporter: This exporter creates an EXCEL spreadsheet in XML format, suitable for opening in recent versions of Excel. see http://forum.quickreport.co.uk/XMLexporter. Memory leaks fixed: One major leak after previewing, and one in the base exporter class and two in XMLSFilter. Expanded height: Some small problems with band expanded height and TQRExpr expanded height. QRExpr control did not give correct expanded height. Preview pagedown fixed: In preview the pagedown keys in the thumbs panel would advance two pages. XML fixes and enhancements: XML export support for rotated text and XML preview XML save QRX format as QRP. Method QRXDocument.saveAsQRPFile XML preview support for composite reports TQRCompositeReport.Pr

to the latest version?

Your old reports won't need any changes in logic or component replacement. You may need to reset some defaults for new properties. If the old report designs are 'formless', i.e. they have a quickrep component that is not on a form, some changes might be necessary for the latest Delphi. Details on different Quickreport Pro versions

Technical Installing/Uninstalling Quickreport Installing Rebuiling the libraries Building QuickReport 5 translations. For earlier versions rename the file to QR4Const etc

German,French,Portuguese,Spanish Sample Applications (Mostly written for QR3 and QR4 though still applicable to http://www.quickreport.co.uk/fixes.aspx QR5) Controlling the preview. This article shows how to alter the properties of the preview window AFTER it is created and displayed. ControllingPreview.txt Using the XML previewer and a QRX Document to make drill-down previews, and manipulate report pages QRXdrillapp.zip Scripting in QRDesign: Shows how to add a BeforePrint event to a band. Code checks if the page has 20 lines, and http://www.quickreport.co.uk/faqs.aspx if so, forces a new page. Scripting in QRDesign How to export reports in QR 3Pro 3.x, 4.x and 5.x How-to-Export-reports-in-QuickReport.txt Printing labels horizontally (Delphi) Labels by row.zip Custom Preview - How to replace the standard preview (Delphi) CustomPreview.zip Using the Abstract table in Delphi AbstractTableSampleDelphi.zip Using the Abstract table in C++ Builder AbstractTableSampleCB.zip Merging two reports on one page in C++ Builder ReportMergeCB.zip Merging two reports on one page in Delphi ReportMergeDelphi.zip Freestyle report - create a report at run-time (Delphi) Freestyle.zip Custom report - user selected fields in dynamic report (Delphi) CustomReport.zip Repeated labels (Delphi) Repeatedlabels .zip Example Invoice (Delphi) SampleInvoice .zip OnNeedData event - this sample shows how to use the onNeeData event (Delphi) NeedDataSample .zip LoopBand - using the LoopBand (Delphi) LoopBandSample .zip Wild Report - drawing directly on the report (Delphi) WildReport .zip Documentation and Knowledge Base Filename Filesize Date Description QR4/5 FileCheck Utility 548 kb 2008-06-10 Utility finds and optionally removes existing QR files to prepare for new installation QR4 Install Instructions 34 kb 2007-06-06 Installation instructions for QuickReport 4 Professional, including instructions on how to uninstall v3 of QuickRe

a Question Ask for Help Receive Real-Time Help Create a Freelance Project Hire for a Full Time Job Ways to Get Help Ask a Question Ask for Help Receive Real-Time Help Create https://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/24536641/Problem-when-previewing-QuickReport.html a Freelance Project Hire for a Full Time Job Ways to Get Help Expand Search Submit Close Search Login Join Today Products BackProducts Gigs Live Courses Vendor Services Groups http://www.devsuperpage.com/search/Articles.asp?ArtID=115014 Careers Store Headlines Website Testing Experts Exchange > Questions > Problem when previewing QuickReport Want to Advertise Here? Solved Problem when previewing QuickReport Posted on 2009-07-01 Editors IDEs Delphi 1 quick report Verified Solution 14 Comments 2,556 Views Last Modified: 2013-11-23 I am using Borland Delphi 2006 and QuickReport 4 to try to preview a report. Sometimes the report preview goes blank. When the form is closed delphi throws an exception saying "Win32 Error: Code 1400. Invalid Window Handle". If I try to preview the report again I receive the message "A quick report preview compoent namned qrstandardpreview already exists ". The only way to make any QuickReport in the program to work is to close the program and the start it again. Have someone had the same problem and how did you solve it? Is there any use to upgrade to QuickReport 5? My application runs on a Microsoft Vista Business OS but I do not know if this is of importance. //Thanks! 0 Question by:ture68 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google LVL 22 Best Solution bysenad This is what you should have on every quick report : global variable shoud be set to recordprinted:boolean; procedure TForm8.QuickRep1NeedData(Sender: TObject; var MoreData: Boolean); begin MoreData Go to Solution 13 Comments LVL 6 Overall: Level 6 Delphi 6 Editors IDEs 1 Message Expert Comment by:bokist2009-07-01 Some years ago I fought with similar problem. I solved it with PreviewModal instead of Preview. 0 Message Author Comment by:ture682009-07-01 Unfortunately I am already using PreviewModal 0 LVL 6 Overall: Level 6 Delphi 6 Editors IDEs 1 Message Expert Comment by:bokist2009-07-02 Perhaps this will help :

with update pack #2 and QuickReport Pro 3.6.2. When I preview a report on the Quick Report Preview form and I click the Printer Setup button of the Quick Report Preview form I get the following error message: "Access violation at address 2300D21C in module 'AcLayers.DLL'. Write of address 00090004." Does anybody can help me solve this problem? Thanks for any help. Regards, Marcelo.


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quickreport error

Quickreport Error p Default user dpi settings are different and may need to be changed January relatedl QR Version currently only for delphi quick report tutorial Delphi XE- bit includes the following - Very few quick report pdf export compiler hints and warnings or none depending on project settings Where possible the code has been quickreports changed to avoid hints and warnings when QR is recompiled No memory leaks There are none in our tests and we will remove any that are found in the QR code Three new components controls Preview controller component - this is a component that