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up QAS Pro. Problems with certain addresses up vote 1 down vote favorite I work for a call centre that has been using QAS Pro for near 2 years now. We use a resource DLL inside access databases to talk to the internally hosted QAS server. Its only use is to gather address details based on postcode. So the first function gets a list of address from that postcode, inserts them into a combo box in access. After the operator can select the appropriate address and it inserts it into the correct fields. This was written by a developer who is no longer with us. Its my job to fix the code. With some testing I've been able to verify it is the c# code we use and not the addresses. As the test harness works fine. The resource DLL uses the c# test code from QAS with an extra file for a few functions. I'm new to c# and have never worked on something like this before. Any help is appreciated. This is the code written by an old colleague. namespace MangoQAS { using com.qas.proweb; using System; using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; [ComVisible(true)] public class QAS { public QAS() { QuickAddress address = new QuickAddress("") { Engine = QuickAddress.EngineTypes.Singleline, Flatten = true }; this.searchService = address; } private string GetMoniker(string p) { return this.searchService.Search("GBR", p, PromptSet.Types.Default, "Database layout").Picklist.Items[0].Moniker; } public string[] RefinePostcode(string p) { string moniker = this.GetMoniker(p); FormattedAddress formattedAddress = this.searchService.GetFormattedAddress(moniker, "Database Layout"); return new string[] {

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