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Quickbase Api Error Codes

option is available to corporate workgroup users only. You cannot place more than .5 MB in this field. You do not have permission to access this table. You did not specify the field name. The field identifier (fid) does not refer to an existing field. Please provide a valid field identifier. 3 Insufficient permissions You do not have permission to perform the current operation. You do not have permission to clone (copy) an application. At a minimum, you must have View permission to copy an application. You do not have permission to query this table. At a minimum, you must have View permission to perform this operation. You do not have sufficient permission to delete the records you specified from this table. 4 Bad ticket No user account was found that matches the e-mail address (or user name) and password you entered. Your ticket has expired or is invalid. By default tickets expire after 12 hours of use. One-time use tickets expire after one use or after 5 minutes. Please try signing in again. To perform the current operation, you must supply one of the following: A user name and password A ticket To get a list of tables to which you have been granted access, you must supply one of the following: A user name and password A ticket 5 Unimplemented operation 6 Syntax error Your QuickBase APIcall does not have the correct syntax. 7 API not allowed on this application table 8 SSL required for this application table 9 Invalid choice You cannot set the specified field to "(choice)". 10 Invalid field type 11 Could not parse XML input Your XMLrequest contains invalid XML. 12 Invalid source DBID 13 Invalid account ID 14 Missing DBID or DBID of wrong type 15 Invalid hostname 19 Unauthorized IP address Realm IP filtering is in place, and the user is not logged in from an authorized location. 20 Unknown username/password No user account was found that matches the e-mail address (or user name) and password you entered. 21 Unknown user No user account was found that matches the e-mail address or user name you entered. No group was found that matches the group name you entered. 22 Sign-in required 23 Feature not supported 24 Invalid application token 25 Duplicate application token 26 Max count 27 Registration required The user specified is someone who has been invited to join an application, but who has never used QuickBase before. 28 Managed by LDAP 29 User on Deny list 30 No such record There is no record in the table that matches the specified record identif

a table dbid. When you use this call, you add fields and their values for the record. You must add values for all required fields or API_AddRecord returns an error. The amount of data space consumed by a field depends on the field type. Read more in the online help. top Using field IDs and field names When specifying fields, you can use either field IDs (fids) or field names. Field names are nearly identical to field labels; if you know the https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/errorcodes.html field label, you can determine the field name by converting all characters to lowercase and replacing all non-alphanumeric characters (including spaces) with an underscore. For example, for a field with this label... Event Name ...you should use this field name: event_name You can use a mixture of fids and field names in the same API call. To obtain https://help.quickbase.com/api-guide/add_record.html a field name, first determine the field's label (using API_GetSchema, or by viewing the field in the QuickBase application UI.) You can derive the field name by replacing uppercase characters with lowercase characters and using underscores instead of all non-alphanumeric characters. To obtain a fid, use API_GetSchema. If you are an application manager, you can also obtain the fid using the QuickBase UI by customizing field properties. top What happens if I write to built-in fields? Every record has the same built-in QuickBase fields. For example, every record contains a Record ID. If you write to one of these fields by mistake, you’ll get an error and the record won’t be added. (You can bypass this error using the ignoreError parameter in your API call.) top What happens if I write to non-writable fields? Fields such as formula fields, the iCalendar field, and the vCard field are non-writable; that is, you cannot add data to these fields. If your API call writes to a non-writable field, the call is ignored. vCard and iCalendar

" on it. I tried TO TEXT() but it didnt worked out.... Ann 1 answer last activity 6:19 am PDT October 13, 2016 From the community Calculated column not calculating division correctly I https://quickbase-community.intuit.com/tags/error have a summary table where I am adding a calculated column. Calculated column = ([Field 1]-[Field... Mark 1 answer last activity 6:25 am PDT October 13, 2016 From the community Hewlett Packard Quality Center ( HPQC http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/quickbase ) and WebHooks? Hi, We are attempting to use WebHooks to submit an XML POST to HPQC. The WebHooks error log returns what is... CGreene 1 answer last activity 10:32 am PDT October 6, 2016 quickbase api From the community Auto choose company based on relationship between the contact and the company I am using Send-to-Quickbase Outlook extension, and I tried to get this fixed through Quickbase, and... Gene 1 answer last activity 4:51 pm PDT September 28, 2016 From the community I need help with a syntax error, "A closing parenthesis is missing." Does anyone have a solution to the syntax error, "A closing parenthesis is missing." quickbase api error Please see my formula... Jeff 1 answer last activity 3:28 pm PDT September 24, 2016 From the community deduplicate email addresses Hi, A logic challenge for those of you out there with much bigger brains than my own! I use open... James 3 answers last activity 9:53 am PDT September 20, 2016 From the community Would like help with a formula URL that writes a record please In the formula URL below, I get a Bad or missing arguments error that points to the URLEncode() function...... CGreene 1 answer last activity 11:43 am PDT September 19, 2016 From the community Duration Calculation Problem I have a formula If (IsNull([Received On]),Today()-ToDate([Date Created])) that works fine but I want to... Brian 1 answer last activity 8:53 am PDT August 30, 2016 From the community My formula has a syntax error. if([PRECON] is TRUE, [SERVICES] - [PRE],0). PRECON is checkbox. SERVICES and PRE are numeric as is this formula field.  My intent is to calculate the difference of... mike 1 answer last activity 11:13 am PDT September 13, 2016 From the community Trouble with API_AddReplaceDBPage bracket closure I have an xml page I need to edit and update. I seem to be running into an error when doing so because... Robert 1 answer last acti

here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site About Us Learn more about Stack Overflow the company Business Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us Stack Overflow Questions Jobs Documentation Tags Users Badges Ask Question Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered About Intuit Quickbase learn more… | top users | synonyms 0 votes 0answers 19 views Java Quickbase API Access with SSL certificate Error I'm trying to connect to the Quickbase API via the Quickbase Java API (https://github.com/QuickbaseAdmirer/QuickBase-Java-SDK), and retrieve some XML via its doQuery function. I keep getting the ... java ssl quickbase asked Sep 6 at 18:13 lingz 526 0 votes 1answer 53 views ELI5 AWS S3 url setup credentials So I am trying to set up a simple S3 server I can pull a url (in this case it will be a quickbase file thats been imported all ready), and by clicking a button will call a script stored in the ... javascript url amazon-s3 quickbase asked Jul 31 at 21:49 Robert Pratt 32 1 vote 1answer 45 views Quickbase module add_record() function—file upload parameters? The code below is part of the Python Quickbase module which has not been updated in quite a while. The help text for one of the function shown below is not clear on how to pass the parameters to ... python api quickbase asked Jul 22 at 17:47 speedchase 266 -1 votes 1answer 42 views convert date/time to hours in quickbase Example: created a record on date 07/19/2016, 10:00AM, I wanted it to be converted into hours(timestamp) and display as 54 hours in quickbase. Appreciate your help datetime quickbase asked Jul 21 at 19:33 geetha 1 0 votes 1answer 24 views Quickbase Calendar Report - Colorize bar In the quickbase calendar report - highlight a blue bar for the length of time which is the .itme class. What I am hoping to do is to change the .itme class to the exact same style except a different ... jquery css quickbase asked Jul 18 at 21:53 JuniorFlip 2502514 1 vote 1answer 37 views Verify SSL Certificate in Python on Windows 7 64 bit I need help in verifying SSL certificate within the company's firewall when trying to access the cloud hosted application https://www.quickbase.com/. The pyquickbase module works perfectly when I run ... python api quickbase asked Jul 18 at 21:37 sp


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