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Rebusfarm Upload Error


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Rebusfarm Not Uploading

FAQs   Help ID 7002 Plugin: RebusFarm doesn't know about "unsupported Plugin". Remove from scene or contact Rebusfarm for installation.   Your scene uses a plugin, which Rebusfarm does not support currently. Many plugins can be installed to our farm, but sadly not all. You can properly collaps the modifier stack to remove the plugin or use Pointcache to bake your animated object to scene. A dirty way to workaround the Farminizer error: Delete your plugin from 3dsmax Load your scene, you have a popup about missing plugin now. Use this Script to remove the plugin.  Sadly it's not possible to render a job with missing or unsupported plugins on the farm.   < Prev Next > QuickstartCalculate CostsVideo TutorialsDownload SoftwareMobile Render FarmRender Farm NDARender Farm FAQRender Farm HelpSystem RequirementsInstallationFarminizer First StepsFarminizer FunctionalityRenderpoints and PaymentError Codes 3ds MaxError Codes Cinema 4DRebusDrop First StepsRebusDrop Main FunctionsRebusDrop ControlCenterSubmit Benchmark Let's Go Quickstart Calculate Costs Video Tutorials Download Software Mobile Render Farm Render Farm N

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Softimage - Mental Ray - Maxwell Render - Standard Rendering - Luxology modo - Standard Rendering rebusfarm bonus coupon code - Newtek Lightwave 3D - Standard Rendering - - Kray - Distributed Still Render - 3ds Max - - Maya (MR) - - Cinema garagefarm 4D  - - Softimage  - - Maxwell Render - - modo - Standalone Software - Maxwell Render - - Eon Vue - ... of our Renderfarm Render Farm Home Let's Go Troubleshooting Troubleshooting The REBUSfarm Farminizer software is robust and reliable. https://us.rebusfarm.net/en/lets-go/help/error-codes-3ds-max/1022-help-id-7002 The versions we make available for download have all stood up to heavy functional tests.     Known issues or problems: Manager: General issues: My current project's state is 'Upload Error'. This can have various reasons. The most common one is that you closed the Manager while uploading the project. It also occurs if anything goes wrong while uploading.You can click "Upload" again and the Manager will resume uploading the project. Files which have already been uploaded will be skipped automatically. http://new.rebusfarm.de/download/troubleshooting_en.html If you still get this problem after re-uploading you should try deleting the project and exporting it again with the Farminizer plugin. The state of my project does not seem correct or it's stuck to some state no matter what I do. Try pressing "Refresh" from the menu. The Manager will then re-import the whole project list and synchronize each project's state with the REBUSfarm. The Manager freezes when importing the projects. Importing your projects may take time. There's a lot of communication work to do which can take up to several minutes (seriously). A coffee in the meantime should solve this problem.   Error- and log-messages: "The path you specified could not be matched to a 3D application. Please choose the .exe or .app of the main application." The Manager validates the 3D-App paths specified in the Settings dialog and only accepts files which have an original filename. Be sure to only select the original filename like "CINEMA 4D.exe". If the error persists make sure you didn't previously change the filename by manually renaming it. If so please restore the original filename like (like "CINEMA 4D.exe", "CINEMA 4D 64bit.exe", "CINEMA 4D.app", "3dsmax.exe"...). "You can't change the settings while up/downloading" or"You can't change the user while up/downloading" When up- or downloading using the Manager there's an active file transfer via FTP. To hold the connection the logged-in user, the source and destination folder may not be changed during transfer. Thus l

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