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Recall Error Nonexistent Frame Or Frameset Specified

Training Support Forums & community Events Rational Tivoli WebSphere Java technology Linux Open source SOA and Web services Web development XML My developerWorks About dW Submit content Feedback developerWorks>Lotus>Forums & community>Notes/Domino 4 and 5 Forum Notes/Domino 4 and 5 Forum "Nonexistent frame or frameset" error using embedded frameset on client "Nonexistent frame or frameset" error using embedded frameset on clientPosted by Chaun Y Santoriello on 8.Sep.04 at 04:04 PM using a Web browserCategory: Domino Designer -- OtherRelease: 5.0.12Platform: Windows XP I'm having a quirky problem with framesets in the Notes Client. I've searched the forum but unfortunately haven't found an answer to my specific dilemna. I've tried to make this as brief as possible... but it's still a long posting. My DB opens to 'a designated frameset' ("Main'). The frameset is used for two types of users - a ‘power user' sort of group and a set of groups which have a more group specific scope. Because I need to provide some limited views to the second category of users I needed to use single category views imbedded on pages. Code in the PostOpen event of the db determines which overall category the user belongs to and sets an environment variable which I later use for the category selection as well as in formulas which select frame contents. The Main frameset has 3 frames. Upper left is for the db title, lower left displays the navigation outlines, and the right frame (‘Views') displays views. The db PostOpen event for the ‘power users' opens the view corresponding to the 1st outline selection in the frame ‘Views'. All outline selections simply open a view and we have no problems with their interface. It's a little more complex for the limited users. The frame contents formula for the left (outline) frame displays a different outline than the outline for the power users. In the ‘Views' frame I open another frameset ("RCO") that has two frames. The top one ("RCO View Title") displays pages providing static text info related to the lower pane. The lower pane ("RCO Views") contains pages with the embedded single

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resources Windows Server 2012 resources Programs MSDN subscriptions Overview Benefits Administrators Students Microsoft Imagine Microsoft Student Partners ISV https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa770041(v=vs.85).aspx Startups TechRewards Events Community Magazine Forums Blogs Channel 9 Documentation APIs and reference Dev centers Samples Retired content We’re sorry. The content you requested has been removed. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. Hosting and Reuse WebBrowser Control Overviews/Tutorials Overviews/Tutorials WebBrowser Customization WebBrowser Customization WebBrowser Customization Handling Events recall error in Visual Basic Applications Licensing and Distribution Loading HTML content from a Stream Reusing the WebBrowser Control Using MFC to Host a WebBrowser Control WebBrowser Customization WebBrowser Customization (Part 2) TOC Collapse the table of content Expand the table of content This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. recall error nonexistent This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. WebBrowser Customization This tutorial shows you several ways to customize the "out of the box" behavior and appearance of the WebBrowser Control. You'll see how to use the advanced hosting interfaces IDocHostUIHandler, IDocHostUIHandler2, IDocHostShowUI, and ICustomDoc. This article will also look at other customization techniques such as download control through handling DISPID_AMBIENT_DLCONTROL in the host's IDispatch implementation, and using IHostDialogHelper. This article is divided into the following sections: Prerequisites and Requirements Introduction WebBrowser Customization Architecture Introducing IDocHostUIHandler, IDocHostUIHander2, IDocHostShowUI, and ICustomDoc How It Works IDocHostUIHandler IDocHostUIHandler::GetHostInfo IDocHostUIHandler::ShowContextMenu IDocHostUIHandler::GetExternal: Extending the DOM IDocHostUIHandler::GetOptionKeyPath IDocHostUIHandler2 GetOptionKeyPath and GetOverrideKeyPath Compared Controlling Navigation IDocHostShowUI IDocHostShowUI::ShowMessage IDocHostShowUI::ShowHelp Controlling Download and Execution IHostDialogHelper Controlling New Windows Information Bar Conclusion Related topics Prerequisites and Requirements In order to understand and use this tutorial, you need: A good understanding of C++ and the Component Objec


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