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(184KB) Cyber If a new printer driver is installed without properly removing the previous version, sharp printer monitoring software it may cause an interface problem between the driver currently the other printer is being monitored and the status monitor.The following error will appear: To fix this problem, usethe patch "ij status monitor" attached to this page. Download the file attached to the upper right corner of this page, then extract it. Run the appropriate epson status monitor 3 has stopped working patch for your computer: SamsungDriverPatch_x86.exe is for 32 bit systems, and SamsungDriverPatch_x64.exe is for 64 bit systems. To determine whether your Operating System is 32 or 64 bit, click the Start menu, enter 'winver' (without quotes) in the search box, and press Enter. If the popup

Epson Status Monitor 3 Download

does not show 64 bit, your Operating System is 32 bit. If a mesage telling you to restart your computer appears, reboot it and run the file again. Service Feedback Q1. In regards to this content, did we answer your question or provide the information that you needed? Yes No Please tell us why. I am dissatisfied with the performance or quality of my product I am dissatisfied because my product requires service I followed the directions provided, but my problem was not resolved The content was not what I was looking for There were broken links and/or pictures on the page Q2. Tell us what you think. What could we have done to answer your question better? Please give us your feedback @SamsungSupport Samsung Support Samsung Support USA SamsungService

provides troubleshooting instructions when needed. EPSON Status Monitor 3 is available when: The printer is connected directly to the host computer via the parallel port [LPT1] or the USB

Epson Status Monitor 3 Communication Error

port. Your system is configured to support bidirectional communication. EPSON Status Monitor 3 is installed when the printer is connected directly and you install the printer driver as described in the Start Here or the Setup Guide. When sharing the printer, be sure to set EPSON Status Monitor 3 so that the shared printer can be monitored on the printer server and clients. See Setting up EPSON http://support-us.samsung.com/cyber/popup/iframe/pop_troubleshooting_fr.jsp%3Fmodelname%3DML-2510%26idx%3D401041%26modelcode%3D%26 Status Monitor 3 and Setting Up Your Printer on a Network. Caution: Although you can print to the printer directly connected to the computer in a remote location by using Remote Desktop function* of Windows 7, Vista, or XP, communication error may occur. *Remote Desktop function: Function which enables a user to access applications or files in a computer connected to the office network from a https://files.support.epson.com/htmldocs/lx350_/lx350_ug/html/soft_5.htm mobile computer at a remote location. Note: If you are using a computer running Windows 7, Vista, or XP with multiple users are logged on, a communication error message may be displayed when monitoring printers at the same time. If EPSON Status Monitor 3 is installed with the Windows Firewall feature turned on (recommended), the shared printer may not be able to be monitored. This problem can be resolved by adding EEBAgent.exe to Exceptions of the firewall function. Setting up EPSON Status Monitor 3 Follow these steps to set up EPSON Status Monitor 3: For Windows 7:Click Start, and click Devices and Printers. For Windows Vista:Click Start, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Printers. For Windows XP Professional edition:Click Start, and click Printers and Faxes. For Windows XP Home Edition;Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Printers and Faxes. For Windows 2000:Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers. Right-click your printer icon, click Printer properties (Windows 7) or Properties (Windows Vista, XP, and 2000), and then click the Utility tab. Click the Monitoring Preferences button. The Monitoring Preferences dialog box appears. The following settings are available: Select Notification Displays the err

If http://ugp01.c-ij.com/ij/webmanual/PrinterDriver/W/MX450%20series/1.0/EN/PPG/Dg-c_define_sm.html you are using the XPS printer driver, replace "Canon IJ Status Monitor" with "Canon IJ XPS Status Monitor" when reading http://www.samsungsetup.com/ts/manual/Samsung%20M2020%20Series/English/manual/CHDHIDBE.htm this information. The Canon IJ Status Monitor is an application software that shows the status of the printer and the status monitor progress of printing. You will know the status of the printer with graphics, icons, and messages. Launching the Canon IJ Status Monitor The Canon IJ Status Monitor launches automatically when print data is sent to the printer. When launched, the Canon epson status monitor IJ Status Monitor appears as a button on the task bar. Click the button of the status monitor displayed on the task bar. The Canon IJ Status Monitor appears. Note To open the Canon IJ Status Monitor when the machine is not printing, open the printer driver setup window and click View Printer Status... on the Maintenance tab. The information displayed on the Canon IJ Status Monitor may differ depending on the country or region where you are using your machine. When Errors Occur The Canon IJ Status Monitor is automatically displayed if an error occurs (e.g., if the printer runs out of paper or if the ink is low). In such cases, take the appropriate action as described. Page top

differ depending on the machine or operating system in use. Check the operating system(s) that are compatible with your machine (see System requirements). Samsung Printer Status overview If an error occurs while operating, you can check the error from the Samsung Printer Status. Samsung Printer Status is installed automatically when you install the machine software. You can also launch Samsung Printer Status manually. Go to the Printing Preferences , click the Basic tab > Printer Status button. These icons appear on the Windows task bar: Icon Mean Description Normal The machine is in ready mode and experiencing no errors or warnings. Warning The machine is in a state where an error might occur in the future. For example, it might be in toner low status, which may lead to toner empty status. Error The machine has at least one error. 1 Toner Level You can view the level of toner remaining in each toner cartridge. The machine and the number of toner cartridge(s) shown in the above window may differ depending on the machine in use. Some machines do not have this feature. 2 Option You can set Printing Job Alert related settings. 3 Order Supplies You can order replacement toner cartridge(s) from online. 4 User’s Guide You can view the online User’s Guide. This button opens the Troubleshooting Guide when an error occurs. You can directly open the troubleshooting section in the user’s guide. 5 Close Close the window.


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