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Instructable »How to cure car cassette adapter "auto-reverse flip-flop" by blackjimmy in playmusic Download 5 Steps Share Favorite I Made it! Collection Intro Intro: How to cure car cassette adapter "auto-reverse flip-flop"For the last few months, while listening to my ipod through the car stereo via cassette adapter, I have been driven to near insanity by what I call ... 1 Step 1: DismantleFind out how your adapter is joined together and undo it. I'm pretty sure most of them are joined with small screws like mine is, but it could ... 2 Step 2: Identify trouble-makerOk now you can see the guts of the thing. You need to identify the bit which causes the tape-deck to try and auto-reverse. It should be a ... 3 Step 3: Remove trouble-makerGo ahead and whip it out! Hopefully it will look something like my photo.Be careful not to disturb the other stuff in there, or if you do, put ... 4 Step 4: Success!!Screw the cover back together the way you found it. Make sure the gears are all lining up where they should do and none of the wires are ... 5 Step 5: Decide its fate...While part of me wants to suggest you immediately crush this part under your foot, it's probably best you make sure your adapter still works first. After you've ...Show All ItemsFor the last few months, while listening to my ipod through the car stereo via cassette adapter, I have been driven to near insanity by what I call "auto-reverse flip-flop". This is where the car stereo thinks it's got to the end of the cassette and tries to auto-reverse your adapter and play the other side of it. The fact that a cassette adapter doesn't have an 'end' or even an other side seems to mean nothing to car stereos.One of the worst things is that it has an element of randomness; there seems no logic to when it will happen. Some days it won't happen at all.. others (usually when there is a podcast I really want to listen to) it will kick in almost immediately. The constant 'kerchink-flip-kerchunk-flop" is unbelievably annoying. After ripping the thing out of the tape deck and smashing it against the dash several times didn't fix it, I tried to find a solution on the internet. I discovered that this was a VERY common occurrence. It even seemed like all adapters, no matter how expensive, would eventually end up doing the auto-reverse flip-flop.Anyway I did learn of an easy way to solve it. I found this solution in more than one int


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